Three Year Professional Musical Theatre & Performing Arts Programme

Course Outline

The Three Year Professional Musical Theatre & Performing Arts Programme is aimed at training students to become ‘triple threats’ (Dance, Singing & Acting). We feel this is vital in the current world of professional performance.

Students will study Dance, Singing, Acting and Voice during their three year training course. The teachers are performance industry specialists and will provide the highest level of training across all subjects.

Students are regularly assessed, both formally and informally, to ensure they develop and maintain high personal standards.

Alongside the course subjects, students gain invaluable knowledge from the guest teachers that are brought in on a regular basis, so that our students are offered the broadest range of experiences possible.

Our course provides practical skills, knowledge and understanding of all aspects required within the performance industry. We are proud to have seen our students over the years graduate and be employed all over the world.


The Three Year Professional Dance and Teacher Training Programme enables students to develop their overall technique, musicality, creativity and performance.

Students are encouraged to explore a variety of genres in order to become versatile and competent in a range of different performances, so to prepare for the demands of a professional dancer.

Students will receive full guidance on practice schedules, choreographic techniques, the importance of warm ups and cool downs, injury prevention/rehabilitation, marketing tools, dance history and audition practise in order to gain an understanding of the environment they are entering.

Students will study the following types of dance:

  • Ballet Technique (inc Pointe work)
  • Partner Work & Pas de deux
  • Fitness & Conditioning
  • Audition Technique
  • Commercial, Street & Hip Hop
  • Musical Theatre
  • Jazz Technique
  • Contemporary
  • Tap
  • Choreography Workshop
  • Acrobatics
  • Stretch & Flexibility
  • Production Workshop
  • Heels Classes
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The three-year singing course enables students to develop their overall musicality and fully understand their vocal instrument. Students are encouraged to explore a variety of genres in order to gain insight into their own vocal ability, learn a variety of vocal approaches and prepare for the demands of professional voice work.

The course develops knowledge of vocal anatomy, music theory, contemporary voice studies and performance skills. Students will receive full guidance on practice schedules in order to progress quickly. Performance opportunities enhance the professional training and prepare students for a career in the performing arts.

Over the three years, students will develop confidence and ability in performance. They will demonstrate their understanding of technique by being encouraged to assess others. Students understanding of music theory will enable them to prepare sheet music, alter scores and understand the principles and practice of harmony.



The three year vocational training on this course will be an ongoing organic process. It is important that every student be able to present themselves to the best of their ability.

The students should have an understanding of the major influences within theatre, practitioners and playwrights. They will be able to select appropriate monologues for auditions.

The course develops the individual skills of the students and encourages them to find themselves as performers. The students are given regular feedback to monitor their progress. The aim of the course is to give the students a high level of ability in performance – Confidence is key!

The objective of the three years is for the students to leave college equipped for the professional world of performing.

They will also have the ability to continue their development beyond the safety of college walls using the tools they have been instilled with during their time here.

Believing practice makes perfect, the students get many opportunities to perform throughout the three years. There are regular showcases of work to demonstrate their development; however, pieces will only be shown if they reach the required standard. It is not beneficial for the student to perform something that will inhibit their confidence.



Musical Theatre 7

The three year voice course enables students to develop, understand and maintain the voice as an instrument. Students will learn how to access all aspects of the voice through a variety of techniques to give them the versatility demanded by the industry.

The course develops knowledge of vocal anatomy, resonance, vocal quality and vocal delivery. Students will gain knowledge of various techniques to help maintain vocal health and progress steadily.

Over the three years, students will learn a variety of accents and will learn to apply inflection and the appropriate vowel sounds phonetically. Through various performance styles, students are expected to apply technique and experiment with vocal quality in order to prepare them for the professional world.

College Entry Requirements

Auditions are held throughout the year with the option of private auditions should a student be unable to attend. Our auditions consist of an hour Ballet, Jazz, and Commercial class.  Students will then take part in a Acting workshop and a Vocal workshop.

Students are asked to prepare an audition song and monologue which will be performed in front of the Principal and Senior Management.

Current students will be on hand for question and answer sessions and interviews will be held at the end of the day. A good general level of dance education, vocal ability and confidence in acting is required but the final assessment will be made on the applicants ability and potential shown at the audition stage.

Students wishing to apply should complete the enclosed application form and medical form and return to the administration office where they will be invited to attend an audition.

Photographer - Nicky Thomas