MEPA Support Services

MEPA believes that for students to perform to their best they must have a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. This is why we make the commitment to offer our very own welfare officer, Maria Brown, to listen and offer advice and provide relevant information confidentially to all students who may be experiencing problems such as moving away from home, suffering injuries, difficulties with homework or anything they would like to share that’s on their mind.



MEPA College has its own on-site sports massage clinic. Our specialist sports masseur has extensive knowledge of working with dancers and liaises with the teachers and students to help reduce periods out with injury and even prevent injuries from happening.



If for any reason you feel that you need more than a sports massage we are also proud to be linked with one of the best sports injury clinics in Kent, offering chiropractic services, as well as consultation and injury rehabilitation. (


As strong believers in ‘What goes in must come out’, we believe each and every student should be given the very best knowledge of how to take care of their bodies and get the very best out of their training, which is why we are able to offer Emma Finch as our professional Sports Nutritionist. As Performing Arts is an industry which focuses on appearance as well as talent, we want every student to leave fuelled with essential information on how to look great, stay healthy and prevent injury.