Millie Clark

MEPA is an amazing place to train! With My time at Mepa, I got one on one training and learnt new skills every day for three years and they also helped me find myself as performer. Mepa is like one big family, the teachers really care about you as a person and insure you get the complete best out of your training! From training at Mepa I feel they have really helped me get ready for the industry and have helped me achieve the best from myself and made me feel confident and prepared for auditions, they have helped me achieve so many things. I had an amazing three years at mepa, with so many opportunities and the best training I could of asked for!

Jessica Warby

MEPA isn’t just a college. A college is a place where you go to train, learn, develop and grow and go home again. To me, MEPA is home. A place that not only offers what any college has to deliver, but also an exceptional amount more. Since training at MEPA, I have mastered what it takes to be a successful performer, I have excelled in confidence and I have become the person I am today. Thanks to the exceptional teaching faculty, not only do I feel equipped with all the tools needed to conquer the industry of my dreams, but I feel I can go into the industry with my head held high, knowing how to hold myself as a professional and a well-rounded artist.

Kye Ansell

Kye Started dancing at MEPA around 6 years ago, always looking up to the students in college and hoping one day to be graduating from MEPA, and now he’s made it to his own Grad showcase.   Kye would like to thank Mandy her self and all of her teaching staff. Kye wouldn’t be doing the performing he is today if it wasn’t for mandy and her team at MEPA.
Kye feels that he and his fellow 3rd years have become a family and that he had made friends for life! 
He’s sad that his time have come to an end at MEPA but is excited to show everyone how he has grown over the last three years and is now very eager to step out into the industry and pursue the things he’s been dreaming of. 

Mason Plews

Mason has had an amazing journey over the past three years he has grown as a performer and a person. He came at the age of 16 young and was eager to learn.  Not only had he gained training but he has become Part of a family that coming into the last two weeks will never be broken we have made the kind a friendship that will never be forgotten no matter where or what any of us are doing I know the second we re unite it will be like nothing has changed and he is going to miss them all so much but wants to let them know how proud he is of every single ones journey in year three. From year one too year three mason has had some amazing roles to play and en body from year ones Dady Brubeck in sweet charity where he took the role of a hippy leader which taught him so much about learning accents and moulding a character into his body. Through into year twos musical where the he was blessed with the role Mark which fitted mason personality as a performer to a T he loved the high energy and fire in the Belly he could put into this character and show. Furthermore with this years musical of Bring it on which is safe to say the hardest show he has ever done physically and vocally he gained the ability to get through a show even when his voice was weak by using his technique gained through the three years .The three years at MEPA have taught him so much he has all his teachers and staff at college to thank for that they have been there every step of the way guiding him to where he is today. However none of his journey would had been possible without the support of all his family helping him through “student life” and now “audition life”. He is buzzing to be graduating and going into his first professional cruise contract however he is going to miss seeing everyone at college everyday and the opportunities Mandy has offered him in the three years.

Ben Brooker

Along Ben’s journey he has gained new skills and also accomplished a new professional out look upon his up and coming career. Ben would of never of achieved this level of skill set with out the help of Mandy Ellen all her amazing staff that dedicate their time to teaching up and coming performers to be prepared for the industry. Ben has made some amazing friends along his 3 year journey that he will well and truly never forget! He wishes to thank everyone for helping him through out his training and that all students new and old have a very fruitful career ahead of them!

Ember Bates

As Ember looks back at her time at MEPA she is blown away by the improvement over the past three years, especially in her confidence, she walked into MEPA quiet as a mouse but is now up on stage performing as confident as ever. Over the past three years Ember has been given opportunity after opportunity such as MOVE IT, The Ideal Home Exhibition and RSL 25th anniversary, as well as getting to perform as Bridget in this years musical of Bring It On. She is going to miss her third year family so much as without them she wouldn’t be the person she is today and she has made so memories with these wonderful people and she can only wish them the best of the luck in the future. She knows there all going to be amazing! She would like to say a special thank you to Mandy and all the other teachers at MEPA because with out there help and support she wouldn’t be where she is today, she honestly couldn’t do it without them. Ember would finally like to thank her Mum and Dad for the continued support and love they have provided her, She can’t thank them for putting me into my first dance class otherwise she wouldn’t of found her love for performing today, she’s couldn’t do it without them and hope they really enjoy the show tonight. As Ember’s time at MEPA comes to an end she would like to wish the best of luck to the year twos for their agent showcase next year, she knows you will all be amazing and go so far in the industry and also to the year ones who have pushed and pushed themselves this year and will only continue to progress.