Welcome to

Welcome to MEPA College

Here we aim to provide every performer with the knowledge, training and experience ready for a career in the performing arts industry.

We believe in the mantra, ‘Dance is Fun’ and with that offer a safe, fun learning environment where students can grow as people and performers. I hope you enjoy looking through our online prospectus and look forward to welcoming you to the college as a MEPA College student.


At the Mandy Ellen Performing Arts College we strive to bring out the best in our students, by understanding that each individual has their own unique way of learning.


Situated in the heart of Maidstone’s Artist quarter in the town centre, it is easily accessible by public transport. There are 5 studios and a lovely lounge for the students to relax in inbetween classes.


At the Mandy Ellen Performing Arts College, we have different courses available. For more information, please have a look.


At the Mandy Ellen Performing Arts College, we have a range of teachers. For more information, please view out team and their individual accomplishments.